DFW Interlock

The DFW Interlock is a non-binding, not-for-profit association of baseball organizations from North Tarrant County, Northwest Dallas County, and South Denton County.

Purpose of the DFW Interlock

The association is organized exclusively for invited organizations to participate in recreational youth baseball with other organizations, when needed.


The DFW Interlock association’s objective is to provide organized schedules and competitive play for recreational baseball programs that will be enjoyable, educational, and challenging for all the youth of our communities. The attainment of exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary to this objective.


Membership in this association shall be by request and voted upon by association members and would be inline with the goal of furthering the objectives as expressed by the Bylaws.

The DFW Interlock is not open to select organizations or independent teams looking for league play. All teams participating are affiliated with a city organization that has been recognized as a member of the DFW Interlock.

To be considered for Membership as a city organization into the DFW Interlock, please contact us and provide information about your league and your reason for requesting membership.